We Bought A Camper!

After camping in Moab Utah in a tent, with 3 little kids, and having the sides of the tent flap all night ON my face because of the wind....I knew it was time to get a camper.

(Awe, a pic of my cute hubby before we had the WORST night of sleep of our lives!)

So thinking about buying a camper I had a budget of $10k.

(I say I and not we because my husband actually had no idea I was wanting or looking for a camper)

To get a camper under 10k meant it would have to be an older one that we might need to remodel. But I honestly didn't care. ANYTHING sounded better than camping with my tent flapping on my face.


You might be wondering, Stephanie, WHY did you want a camper so bad?

  1. My husband works ALL summer. So from March-September it's just me and the kids and I wanted to make FUN memories with them!

  2. I knew I didn't want to go tent camping with the kids by myself. I wanted a door I could lock, a nice bed to sleep in, a fridge, and a camper!

  3. My goal that summer of 2021 was to have the BEST SUMMER EVER with my kids because I wanted to bring more fun into my mother life! (more on that in other blog posts to come!)

So I begun my quest to find the perfect camper.

I wanted it to be under 10k and have a bed for each kid, and after searching on good old Facebook Marketplace for 2 months, I finally found it!

The camper of my dreams!

It was a little over my budget but it had a triple bunk bed and looked like it had great bones, so remodeling would be easy!

I got my super nauseous 3 month pregnant self and 3 kids in the car and drove an hour to go see it.
On the way there I was praying so hard. "God. let me know as soon as I walk in the camper door, if it's the camper I should buy or not!"

See I have a gift of getting excited over almost ANYTHING! My poor husband.

(Actually he's a great sport about it which you'll see in a minute) So I need God to give me a STRONG no if I need to not do something.

We finally got there.

I opened my door and slowly walked towards the camper. "Remember God," I whispered "tell me as soon as I open the camper door!"

I put my hand on the handle, took in a deep breath and opened the door.


I stepped into the camper and looked around.


I walked to the back and saw the triple bunkbed.


I got out my phone and called my husband and the call went something like this.

Me: "Alex! I just drove an hour to see a camper and I prayed that God would let me know if we're supposed to get it as soon as I opened the door and He did, I feel at peace! We're supposed to get THIS camper! It's a little over $11k but I think we can talk it down to $9k if we pay in cash. What do you think?!"

My Husband (who is just hearing about my dreams about having a camper for the first time EVER): "Did you say a camper?"

Me: "Yes!"

My Sweet Husband: "Ok let's do it!"

Can I just say how grateful I am for a husband who supports all of my crazy ideas?! He's wonderful!

We bought the camper the next day for $9,100 and then over the next 8 months began to renovated it. (which you can read about HERE)

This experience (and many others honestly) has taught me that:

God doesn't just want you to just live life. He wants you to LOVE your life, like any good father would.

I'm so tired of reading or hearing that if you want something you put it out into the Universe and the Universe gets it for you.

It's God.

Ask God for what you want.

Tell Him your dreams, your desires and don't be afraid to give Him specifics. Then move forward acting in faith and watch what happens.
God is good and He loves you. He wants to bless you and give you things that will make you happy.

And by golly if that's a camper, He'll get you a camper.

So here's my camper! Ta-Da!

It's going to have a little Stephanie magic done to it. But can't you see the potential?!

It's going to be great!



P.S. If you want to know what to look for when buying a camper CLICK HERE