#8 The Untapped Gold Mine of Failing

Updated: Mar 9

It seems that every time we try something new, there is a little doubting voice in our head that whispers, "I might not be good at this. I don't know what I am doing. I am going to mess up." You know what? That's okay! We all had to start somewhere and we messed up along the way. Even if you aren't perfect the first time or even the tenth, it is worth it! Your business is worth the leap of faith!

Changing Perspective on Failure

Failures are great and can help improve yourselves and your business. Without failure you will never learn and never grow. The best way to utilize failure to your advantage is to look at it differently.

"The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure." -John C. Maxwell

Instead of looking at failure as a negative, look at it as a positive experience. Failure isn't losing. Failure is a learning experience. Changing your perspective helps you to build yourself up, rather than tearing yourself down. Learning experiences will strengthen your confidence. They will help you and your business grow.

Rename Your Emotion

Your body emotes nervousness and excitement similarly. The next time that you are nervous or scared to do something, rename the emotion you are feeling as 'excitement'. You will stop being as anxious and start becoming excited! Don't believe me? Go try it!

Don't let fear stop you. Chase after your dreams with full force! You got this, girl!

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