#34 How to Discover & Use Your Superpowers

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WHAT ARE SUPERPOWERS? I believe that your super powers are gifts that God has given you do you have joy in to fill your purpose here in life. HOW TO DISCOVER YOUR SUPERPOWERS

  • STEP 1: WRITE YOUR LIST Brain dump everything that you're good at, good qualities about yourself, things that bring you joy etc.

  • STEP 2: WRITE OTHERS LISTS Ask a few people close to you what THEY see in you that's awesome! Write down what they say!

  • STEP 3: CIRCLE THE REPEATS THEN Take a minute to read and enjoy what’s in your lists!!! Ladies we are too hard on ourselves! I feel like this is one of Satan’s best tools to knock us off her feet and keep us in a place where we are not progressing and not moving forward and helping those around us. So take a minute read this list and enjoy the comments you got, and then take a moment to say a prayer of gratitude to God for giving you these gifts and talents before moving forward.


  • STEP 1: PUT YOUR SUPERPOWERS IN ACTION Write down 2 areas of you life (ex: mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, etc) and then write down all of your super powers that you can use in that role.

  • STEP 5: REFLECT Ask yourself: Which superpowers am I currently using? Which superpowers am I not using? REMEMBER: As you reflect on this list this is not a time to shame yourself or to feel bad that you have an applied all of the things we are not perfect. We are not meant to be perfect. We were put on this earth to progress and become our best selves. So as you look at this list I just want you to feel nothing but joy and gratitude for all the gifts and talents that you have been given in for now knowing what the next level is that you can reach in your life and in your business.

NOW WHAT? Hang your list somewhere where you'll see it everyday! And girl, I'm DYING to know what your superpowers are! Feel free to message me on Instagram and tell me what your superpowers are! RESOURCES MENTIONED

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