#11 Instagram Strategy-Bringing The Joy To Social

I'm so excited to air our first podcast interview! Today's episode is staring Mia Lauren, who is an Instagram Strategist, or as I like to call her, the Queen of Instagram! This episode is PACKED with so many great tips and strategies! I can't wait for you to dive in!

#1 Do a Profile Audit

  1. You're profile picture should be the same across all platforms and be a professional picture of you

  2. Your bio should be clear about who you serve and how you serve them

  3. If your handle has your name, use your name holder in your bio as a place to add key words pertaining to your business

  4. You should have a call to action

  5. You should have just one link, not a link tree link

#2 Hashtags

The number one mistake people do is use a hashtag that is too broad for their account and they wouldn't have the possibility to rank.

Flick.tech is a great tool to find hashtags that are perfect for your account!

#3 Building a Tribe on Instagram

You do this by building genuine relationships with the people you follow and that follow you! Comment, like, and message people you follow! Be social. Be a friend. Be authentic.



This was so scary to do publicly, but I wanted to be a guinea pig so that you guys could learn from my mistakes. Mia's audit was amazing! Here are the points she gave to me:

  • Tell us HOW you are going to help female entrepreneurs

  • Add a call to action

  • Have just one link BEFORE                                                  


Connect With Mia Lauren! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrs.mialauren/

Guide to Instagram Course thesocialjoycollective.com

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