How To Teach Your Young Kids About WW2

World War 2 is one of my FAVORITE times to learn about in history, but I was worried about scaring my kids with this horrible past, especially my girls who get nightmares all.the.time!

So, I found some good books and some fun activities for the kids and studied WW2 for a month and my kids absolutely LOVED it!

Woohoo! #homeschoolingmomwin!

So I wanted to share what I did with you so that you can have a #momwin too!

Heads up I'm NOT a fancy homeschool mom! I don't have the perfect binders or homeschool room. But what I do is help my kids fall in LOVE with history and learning. So, if that's what you want, keep reading. :)

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My WW2 Homeschool Timeline

(I read all the books out loud to all my kids ages 8,7 and almost 6. This is the order I read them in and I really liked it!)

Introduced WW2 with THIS video

Book 1 - I survived Pearl Harbor

A book about a boy, Danny, who moves to Hawaii because his mom gets a job at the base as a nurse. My kid's favorite parts were with this cute and funny Japanese boy who finds a baby pig and quickly becomes friends with Danny.

Book 2-4 - Molly An American Girl (books 1-3)

My kids love reading about Molly because she's just a regular kid living through a tough time. She does some silly things throughout the books, but you'll learn about victory gardens, cooking without much sugar, where all the rubber and metal are going, what Christmas was like with the men all gone at war and so much more.

Activity 1 - Got the Universal Yums England Box

(if they don't have that box available, any box from a country that fought in WW2 would be fun! For example, America, Japan, or any country in Europe, would be fun!)

Universal Yums is a country in a box! It's our families FAVORITE subscription hands down! You get to try foods from the country, learn fun facts and so much more. We got to taste the treats of England which were delicious!

Molly's (the American Girl) dad is a Doctor at a hospital in England. So that was fun to try foods from England.

Book 5 - I survived D-day (this book was borderline too much for my kids at this age. They loved it, but maybe skim it first and see if your kids would like it)

This book is about a French boy who helps an American soldier get ready for D-day. I talks about the Nazis shooting French people who are apart of the Resistance, and his friend, a Jewish boy, who was taken away. When I read this aloud to my kids I did skip over a few sentences just because I felt like it was too much fore my kids at their age.

Watched THIS video and THIS video of D-day

Book 6-7 - Molly An American Girl (books 5-6)

Book 8 - I survived the Nazi Invasion

(this book was also borderline too much. I did skip over a few sentences, but overall it's so good and my kids loved it!)

Activity 2 - We went to a WW2 Museum Honestly we don't have ANY museums around us in Idaho that's cool to go see. But we did visit my parents in Texas and I looked up on Trip Advisor to see if there were any WW2 museums and I found this Airplane Museum 20 mins away from my parents house.

Do a quick google search for your area and see if you have anything fun like an airplane museum or a WW2 museum or something that you can go to and get hands on experience for your kids.

In this picture my kids are standing next to the owner of the museum's WW2 uniform. He snuck in the war at 14 years old!

The museum is not at all fancy, but my kids and I loved walking around and talking to the people there.

We talked to one man who was sweeping and he told us a few stories of his grandfather who was a fighter pilot in WW2.


Books & Movies To Watch Outside School Books (I had these out on display so my kids would look through them)

Molly's World 1944 World War 2 Smithsonian by DK

Movies (these are some of the movies we watched as a family)

Peter Pan 2

Sound of Music

Bednobs & Broomsticks (one of my kids FAVORITES)

Operation Petty Coat

Father Goose

The Great Escape Any Shirley Temple Movies

As my kids get older, we'll dive deeper into WW2, but for now with my 2nd grader, 1st grader and kindergartener this was perfect!

You got this girl!