#95: How To Use Personal Branding To Elevate Your Business

Let's talk about YOU today, girlfriend! Personal branding is all about YOU and YOUR business. What is your story, your message, your mission that you want others to see? Take a seat and get ready to take notes because this week's episode with Brittany is GOLD.

Personal branding is so much more than just the colors or fonts you use on your website. It truly is how you show up authentically in your business and to your people. By making it a priority to get professional brand photographs taken, you can see yourself as you really are and show the world that you are worth it and that you have something amazing to offer - because you are and you do!!

Why do you need to work with a brand photographer?

You are the face of your brand and you want those images of you to be professional-

looking! Professional images allow you to show your true self while building your

credibility and authority in your business.

What should you look for in a brand photographer?

Find someone who knows branding and business.

Make sure they understand your vibe and your business. This is all about YOU and that

needs to come across clearly through your images.

Get commercial rights to your photos so you can edit them, post them, and more!

If you are thinking, 'but Stephanie, I don't have the money or ability to hire a brand photographer right now, what should I do??' Have no fear! You can totally start on a smaller scale and take decent pictures yourself for now, then someday when you are ready, you can take the leap and get some even better pictures for your brand!

3 Ways to Improve Your DIY Brand Photos:

1. Find your reason! Have a purpose behind every photo you take. Create a "shot list"

of exactly what pictures you want to capture during your shoot.

2. Lighting is key! Find a great light source like a large window to take photos in front

of. You can use your phone and a basic tripod, just make sure your lighting is good!

3. Have fun, relax, and embrace who you are!

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!


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