#94: Faith Series #12 - God Needs Strong Women

While big biceps and a six-pack of abs are pretty cool and all, today we're talking about an even more important kind of strong - strong faith in Christ.

These are certainly crazy times we live in right now and believe it or not, crazier times are yet to come. We may not be able to control what happens in the world, but we can control what we choose to focus on and what we choose to teach our children. Make sure that you know how to hear God. Make sure you are praying. Make sure that you are teaching your kids how to receive answers from God and to feel His love.

Have you opened up your scriptures lately?

Have you testified to your children of Jesus Christ?

Have you taught your kids to pray? that when you have a question, you can turn to God?

God is not asking for perfection; He just expects obedience. God can't work with people that won't move! Don't wait until you are the "perfect Christian" before you move forward. Just start moving forward. Don't get overwhelmed. Choose one thing to focus on and start there.

The enemy does not want strong women. We have got to be strong women and moms in Christ. We can and will change lives as we strengthen our spiritual muscles and teach our children how to be strong in Christ, too.

Answer the call that God puts on your heart and just step forward. You are AMAZING. You are INCREDIBLE. Always remember that.

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