#93: The 4 Levels Of Business And How You Can Level Up

Updated: Feb 5

In the Dream Makers Membership we break the business journey into 4 different levels. When you join the Dream Makers Tribe, one of the first things you do is take a quiz to find out where you are in your business journey. This helps you know exactly where to focus and what you need to do before moving on to the next level of your business.

Do you know what level of business you are on? Do you know what it takes to move to the next level? Take a look at the 4 levels listed below and become a Dream Makers Member today for access to the checklist of what you need to do to level up your business.

The 4 Levels of Business:

Level 1 - Dream Starter

These are women who have a desire to start a business, maybe a few ideas of what to build, but they haven't started a business quite yet. The focus of a Dream Starter is to figure out your winning business idea and build a strong business foundation.

Level 2 - Dream Creator

These are entrepreneurs who have started building a business and are now growing an audience and selling their product or service. The focus of a Dream Creator is to grow your audience, create an excellent client experience, and fine tune your business foundation.

Level 3 - Dream Producer

This is where you start stepping out of the details of your business and step into the role of CEO and hiring a team to help your business grow. The focus of a Dream Producer is to step into becoming the CEO of your business and start hiring to build your team.

Level 4 - Dream Grower

Here we have the last and final level where you grow and scale your business. The focus of a Dream Grower is to continue to grow and scale and build multiple revenue streams.

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!


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