#91: Faith Series #11 - God Lets Us Make Pancakes

Updated: Feb 7

If you have seen my Instagram, you likely know these 2 things about me: 1) I love my kids and 2) I hate baking. As much as I love my kids, however, baking with my kids is not something I particularly enjoy. From the flour spilling all over the counter to broken egg shells in the batter, baking with kids is a long process that requires a great deal of patience from this mama.

Just like I am trying to be patient and allow my kids to help me in the kitchen, God, too, is being SO patient with us in our lives! He lets me "make pancakes" by letting me raise kids, by letting me run my business, by letting me create, and more! I am an imperfect human who makes mistakes and spills flour at times, and yet He trusts me enough to let me make pancakes!

Listen in to today's episode to hear the story of making pancakes with my son and the profound realization I had about how pancakes relate to God and business!

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