#90: 6 Crucial Questions Every Website Should Answer

Let's talk websites! A website is the face of your business, one of the first things that people see about you. While it should be organized in a clear, beautiful manner, it also must include all the vital details of who you are and what you have to offer. In order to find your ideal clients and increase sales, it is SO important to build your website in a way that gives your clients all the answers to their questions.

Don't just make your website pretty, but convince people they need your product or service! Sit, meditate, and take the time to answer the following 6 questions that potential clients ask when they look at your website.

  1. Who are you?

  2. Why should I work with you?

  3. Do you really understand me and my problems?

  4. Are you really going to be able to help me?

  5. What makes your solution different than all the other solutions I have tried?

  6. Pricing?

Whether on your website, Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse, YouTube, or elsewhere, make sure you answer these 6 questions so potential clients clearly see why YOU have the solution for them!

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