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#68: 4 Tips On How To Be Confident In Video

Video marketing can grow and scale your business when done right. However, I know it can be a scary thing.

Today I'm going to give you my 4 step process to becoming confident in front of the camera!

  1. Prepare Your Content Take time to write out what you want to say in your video. You can either write it all out word by word or just use bullet points. Then take time to read it over and have it next to you when you do your video. I used my notes forever until I was comfortable to go on video without them.

  2. Set Up - Camera tripod - Good Lighting. Natural lighting is my absolute favorite, however, I do use a ring light as well. - Get dressed up and feel cute - Prepare your mind through dance or affirmations

  3. Go Live & Serve When you click LIVE or record, show up with an energy and heart full of service.

  4. Give Yourself Grace You're not going to produce perfect videos and that's OK! Give yourself some grace and post your videos! Your audience needs your content and your videos, they don't need you to be perfect. Just show up messy and imperfect. We need you!

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