#61 How To Sell More On Etsy

Are you ready to sell more on Etsy?

Whether you have a store already that you want to maximize more OR you are just getting started on your Etsy adventure, this episode is for you!

1. Have the BEST photo on Etsy

You need to have the best photo on the page so that people scrolling Etsy will stop and click on your image. You don't need a fancy camera to take your pictures, just your iphone! But you want to keep do these things:

  • Light & Bright airy background

  • Buy and use a filter on Etsy to use on your pictures

  • In use photos are great!

You also want your pictures to answer these questions:

Who is it for?

What do you do with it?

What is the size of it?

2. Etsy is a Search Engine

So with that in mind, you need to name the item you're selling exactly how your ideal client will type it in the search bar if they are looking for it.

So to find a great title start typing in your item in the search bar and see what comes up. Because as soon as you are typing a word in the search bar, a list of suggestions will pop up and they are ranked in importance of what people are searching for.

3. Use As Many Etsy Features As You Can

Just like most platforms, Etsy will rank your shop higher if you use all the features they offer. So take advantage of all 13 tags, 10 images per item, use all 10 frequently asked questions, use a banner, write out your about me section.

4. Talk to One Customer

Create your store for just ONE client. Don't sell bridal items and things for an 8 year olds birthday. That is just confusing. So if you have several items for 3 different clients then instead, create 2 different stores.

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