#41 How To Write Amazing Instagram Captions

Girl if writing captions is hard then tune into this episode!

It really comes down to 3 things -- you ready?⁣

1. Know who you're talking to

That's right, we're talking about your Ideal Client! Knowing who you are talking to is SOOO important when going to write your caption.

2. Know what your brand voice is

Joelle drops some great tips in this episode on how to find your brand voice! One of them being to record yourself when you are feeling emotional (happy, sad, mad, passionate, etc) because that will help you find your brand voice.

3. Use my 5-step framework to hook, engage, and convert.

⁣What's the 5-step framework?

1. Hook

2. Entice

3. Story/Value

4. Inspire

5. Call To Action

To dive into each of these steps, tune in!

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