#4 3 Reasons Why SHE Buys

Updated: Mar 9

We all know that generally only buy beauty products, home decor, cleaning products, and groceries, but are you ready for some CRAZY stats?

  • Cars and truck purchases are 52% purchased by women & 80% influenced by women

  • Electronics are 45% purchased by women and 61% influenced by women

  • Homes are 20% purchased by single women and 91% influenced by women

  • Travel is 70% purchased by women

The consumer is predominantly female, yet the business world is dominantly male.

Don't follow the current trends on selling? Learn how to sell to HER, because she is the one buying or influencing the purchase.


Your ideal client is busy! She has a lot going on in her day and a lot of thoughts in her mind. When you sell a product, think about what you can do add to make her day easier, more enjoyable, or help give her peace. What services can you provide that will enhance the overall experience.


When a woman buys, she is thinking about how her purchase is going to affect those closest to her. Women not only think about how the product will benefit themselves, but also how it will benefit their family and friends. Ask the right questions so that you can provide the best options.


For better or worse, women notice ALL the details. Look around your business, whether it's online or a brick and mortar store, and think about what little details you could add to give the woman a better experience. Maybe you could send thank you cards, add fragrance candles, paper bags with your logo, etc. Do whatever you feel will make an impact, because details make all the difference.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 reasons why women buy. I would encourage you to read the book, Why She Buys by Bridget Brennan. I would LOVE to hear what you learn!

You can also access my Ideal Client Cheat Sheet HERE so you can better understand who your SHE is.

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