#110: Unboxing Good Habits

Updated: Jul 26

Have you ever had an idea or a dream, but not move forward with it because fear got in the way?? All too often I hear people talk about these great hopes and dreams for their lives but then get stuck out of fear! Today we talk all about this struggle of imposter syndrome with my girl, Tiffany LeBaron.

Tiffany has started multiple small businesses, most recently creating a subscription box focused on creating good habits. Even though she had her fair shares of setbacks and concerns, she jumped right in and did not let her fears hold her back. She is now crushing the subscription box game and shares some incredible tips with us today as we discuss:

  • Where to begin with creating a subscription box

  • How to create a community & build an audience

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome & pushing past fears

  • Finding joy in your business

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!