#108: 3 Business Lessons From Tillamook

My family and I recently had the chance to visit the beautiful Washington and Oregon. It was an incredible time and we got to see some amazing things along the way! One of our favorite stops was to the Tillamook factory in Oregon. As we drove, we ended up having to take a slight detour that drove us right past many of the Tillamook dairy farms that most people probably never get to see! I never knew dairy farms (including a massive pile of poop on that farm, I might add) could look so well-kept and truly beautiful! Tillamook taught me so many incredible things about running a successful business and I wanted to share 3 of those lessons learned with you:

1. Innovation.

Learning about the history of Tillamook taught me how they are constantly

innovating and thinking outside the box to move their business forward

successfully. They believe in investing in their future and coming together and

working as a team.

2. Good stewardship.

Seeing those well-kept dairy farms and hearing about how they treat their animals

and workers, showed me the importance of having good stewardship. God entrusts

us with kids, businesses, farms, etc. and we need to take care of those things we

have been given with love, respect, and gratitude.

3. Multiple revenue streams.

Tillamook offers this amazing tour of their factory completely for free! It was

incredible! However, they offer lots of different options inside where you can

purchase ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches, merchandise, and more! There

were 3 different little "shops" if you will, inside the tour area that bring in revenue

for them. The lines were crazy long at each of the shops and I LOVED seeing that!

They know what they are doing business-wise and I am all for it!

If you ever get the chance to go to Oregon, you must go on this Tillamook tour! Go as a consumer first, then take it all in as a business person, because I guarantee you will learn so much from the experience, just like I did.

"We're not afraid to continue to invest in a future and for future generations.

We stick to our values."

- Shannon Lourenzo

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