#101: How To Skyrocket Website Traffic & Revenue Using SEO

Gaining visibility for your business can feel exhausting when you rely solely on those Instagram "swipe-ups," but what if there was a better way?! My girl, Stefanie Becker, is here talking to us today all about how to take small steps to see big results when it comes to increasing our website traffic and revenue using SEO!

SEO = Search Engine Optimization (aka how to gain visibility online through Google)

Tips to Successfully Navigate SEO:

- Create consistent content. Repurpose posts from your blog for social media!

- Use searchable titles, captions, and keywords in your posts.

- Create a Google My Business Profile (it takes just minutes to do!)

- Monetize your website using things like: Amazon Affiliate Program, RewardStyle, and

ShopStyle Collective

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!

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