#100: 4 Ways To Start Selling Wholesale

If you're like me, you may be wondering, what even is wholesale? Line sheets - what are those? Systems and organization? - yikes! Well girl, take a breath, relax, and take a listen to today's episode where Lucy breaks it all down for us. We discuss the difference between retail and wholesale, how to know if you're ready to dive into wholesale, 4 ways to get started, and so much more!

4 Ways to Start Selling Products Wholesale:

1) Share with family and friends.

2) Go into consignment.

3) Introduce to local boutiques.

4) Look into wholesale markets - in person AND online.

While it may feel intimidating at first, you can totally do this! You have a product that is proven to be amazing - now let's get that product out in stores and in more people's hands!

Where do you dream of having your product? Anthropologie? Neiman Marcus? Dream big and go chase that dream! You are capable of incredible things!

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!