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The Dream Makers Membership

Girl, tell me if this sounds like you.

Are you a creative entrepreneur who is feeling burnt out, tired, and ready to do what you really love, which is to create? 


Are you wondering when starting a business to create, have fun and impact others turned into just doing business, crunching numbers and all the boring stuff?


Are you feeling like everyone else has business magically figured but you?

If you said yes to any of these then girl you are not alone!

so what if....

you could grow your business in such a way that you could be creative AND do what you love while still hitting those goals of yours? 


The Dream Makers Membership is here to give you the trainings and community you need to grow and scale while loving what you do!



You are a talented creative entrepreneur but need help with the business part.


You’re feeling STUCK in your business and you know that you can make more money, impact more people, but you don't know how.

You DON’T yet have a list of 1,000 email subscribers (with a steady flow coming in every single day).

You want 2021 to be YOUR year of growth, impact and intention!

Girl, you need this membership in your life if:

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The Dream Makers Membership

for $57 a Month Includes:

Monthly Trainings With Stephanie &

Guest Experts

Coaching Calls

Dream Makers


Private Facebook Community

Live Q&A Calls

Fun Surprises & Bonuses



  • Ideal Client

  • Email Marketing  with 7 email templates

  • Branding 101

  • Pinterest Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • 15+ more trainings

Trainings Already In The Library Include:


  • November 3 - Alison Carter on Pitching
    (Alison has been featured in Forbes, Oprah and more)

  • Planning For 2021

  • Facebook Ads

  • and more!

Trainings Coming:


Join The Membership Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it?

It's $37 per month.

How can I get one of the monthly coaching spots?

After you purchase the membership simply email or DM Stephanie Bagley and let her know you want a spot.

Do I need to give credit to you when I use the stock images or captions?

Nope! Girlfriend, these images and captions are ALL YOURS! You can edit them to make them your own or post them as is!

Can I cancel my membership?

We'd really hate to see you go! But if you want to leave, you cancel your membership at anytime and you'll be removed from our private facebook community.

What if I'm just starting my business?

Perfect! You're in good hands. The education, coaching, support and live Q&A sessions will help you create the business you want.

Do I have to be a photographer like you to join the membership?

No, you don't. This membership site is all about taking you to the next level of YOUR business, whatever it may be. We're going to be talking about the business strategies all businesses need in order to move forward.

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