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Hey girl, your Marketing Super Power is...

Rachel Hollis!


Your Superpower Strengths Are:

Dreaming big & turning those big, fun dreams into reality

Exploring and trying new things

Having FUN!

Being positive & upbeat

Having a magnetic energy that everyone wants to be around

When It Comes To Marketing, Branding & Sales:



Don't worry about fitting into a box, or trying to be "professional".   Your ideal client loves to follow you because you're fun, exciting, positive and dream big! Not because you're a super uptight, serious, professional lady.


So girl, be yourself and step into your full power and share your gifts with the world! 


Other Female Entrepreneurs Who Have The Same Super Power Are:


Jasmine Star

Jamie Kern Lima

Jennifer Allwood

The Pioneer Woman

Rachel Hollis

Lori Harder

>>Give these ladies a follow on Instagram and watch how they show up in their business and ask yourself these questions:


What are they doing that plays to their ___ super power?  

What do you love about how they are showing up?

What do you see them doing that you aren't?

How are you going to start showing your ______ super power in your business?

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