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After being laughed at by a photographer when I asked him to make me look a little thinner and not have a huge double chin in our family photo, (I had just had our 2nd child and felt uncomfortable with my body) I decided I was going to become a photographer with the mission to make ALL women look and feel beautiful in their photos!

I bought a $500 camera, one photography course and was ready to start my photography business with a promise that EVERY woman who stepped in front of my lens would feel beautiful no matter her size.  This has been a passion of mine ever since and I LOVE what I do and the women I get to serve!

After being in business for a few years and becoming one of the highest paid photographer in Utah, business owners began reaching out to me and asking me how they can grow their business.

I noticed how most of these business owners had many of the same questions, concerns and needs.  That's when I decided to launch my podcast, The Dream Makers Podcast, where I teach and interview women about business and life.

However, I still get business owners reaching out to me for more help and guidance which is why February 2020 I'm launching my Dream Makers Tribe membership site!!! A membership site for female entrepreneurs who are looking for education, coaching & community!

Get on the wait list HERE to be the first to know when doors open!


Now I currently serve over 2,000 women with my photography and podcast, and I have had the honor of speaking at Utah Leading Ladies and Women’s Council of Realtors of Utah County and other platforms. 


When I’m not busy creating content, you can catch me playing with my kids, watching NCIS with my hot hubby or traveling with my family.

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Alexia Wardell

Alexia Wardell Photography

Stephanie's energy is absolutely transformative and contagious! She is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. Stephanie's talents go far beyond branding, photography and speaking. she is a skilled teacher and is able to convey her lessons with clear and concise directions. She isn't just a mentor, she is a personal cheerleader and she feels like your best friend!

Jodi Dazzo

Jodi Dazzo Photography

This really was my dream shoot!  If you are thinking of celebrating yourself, which I highly recommend every woman doing, book a dream shoot with Stephanie because its magical!

Eleisha Clayton

Pink Girl Media

Before I rebranded, I was a bit lost. I was trying to serve everyone as a virtual assistant. I didn’t have clear brand colors, content, or goals. After working with Stephanie, I narrowed down to a niche.  Because of Stephanie’s awesome expertise, I eventually changed my business name and know exactly who my target audience is. I refer people to Stephanie and her genius all of the time. Thanks, girl, for all of your help!

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