Hey, I'm Stephanie

I serve creative and multi-passionate entrepreneurs by teaching them how to create a personal brand. 

I found that most entrepreneurs struggle to brand themselves, not knowing which idea to focus on, feeling overwhelmed and repeatedly asking themselves the question "where do I even start?"

I created my podcast, free resources and my step-by-step brand course, to help entrepreneurs create a personal brand that is cohesive, showcases their expertise and attracts their ideal clients, so they can focus on doing what they love and grow their business. 

After being laughed at by a photographer when I asked him to make me look a little thinner and not have a huge double chin in our family photo, (I had just had our 2nd child and felt uncomfortable with my body) I decided I was going to become a photographer with the mission to make ALL women look and feel beautiful in their photos!

I bought a $500 camera, one photography course and was ready to start my photography business with a promise that EVERY woman who stepped in front of my lens would feel beautiful!

However, not having any business or branding experience I made one HUGE mistake.

I looked at the other photographers around me and built a price list and a website that looked just like everyone else.
  They were successful....right?

Well, I wasn't.


I struggled for 2 years to find clients and stay constantly busy. When I did get potential clients to message me, their inquiry usually asked “how much do you cost?” and when I responded with my prices I either 1. Never heard from them again 2. They would try to negotiate for lower prices or 3. Tell me I was too expensive.

I knew something needed to change.

Over the next year. I bought 11 courses,  went to 2 large conventions, spent over $5,000 and pieced together everything I learned, filled in the gaps with testing different methods and created what I now call The Stephanie Ann Brand Formula.   

Using this formula I branded ME! Bright colors, fun personality, pink hair, all my messaging speaking directly to my Ideal Client, tripled my prices, and changed everything else that comes with branding.

And guess what?

I started attracting my Ideal Clients and my photography business started growing!  Now I  consistently serve my Ideal clients and am no longer price shopped!

Since then it's been a passion of mine to teach other creative and multi-passionate entrepreneurs to do the same.  To create a personal brand that is cohesive and attracts their ideal client so  they can focus on doing what they love and grow their business. 


I currently serve over 2,000 people with my branding and business content, and I have had the honor of speaking at Utah Leading Ladies and Women’s Council of Realtors of Utah County and other platforms. 


When I’m not busy creating content, you can catch me playing with my kids, watching NCIS with my hot hubby or traveling with my family.

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